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Cayenne peppers are part of the Nightshade (Solanaceae) family, that possess not only glycoalkaloids, but capsicum as well. Glycoalkaloids are natural pesticides and it is a natural defense for the plant to protect itself against bacteria, fungi, virus and other insects. This can be a health benefit for those who consume hot peppers! The capsicum has health benefits as well, and you can read further on my blog. Preparing cayenne as a tincture can be a powerful wound or cut remedy for your poultry.

Capsicum can irritate internal tissue if too much is consumed, so I would not recommend feeding free choice as you cannot control the dosage. Since capsicum does not mix with water, it is not a good choice to mix in the drinking water either.

The preferred method of preparation of cayenne for poultry is in a tincture form. Tinctures traditionally use alcohol to not only extract all the constituents, but the oil as well. Using water as an extract will not extract the oils. Alcohol extractions will always extract a more complete spectrum of the plants overall medicinal value. The alcohol is also a great preservative so your tincture will store indefinitely.

Cayenne Tincture


Dried hot peppers ground up - Cayenne, jalapeno, chili, pimento
(Use only hot peppers that contain capsicum.)

Alcohol (100 proof recommended)


The ratio of dried herb to alcohol is 1:5. So. for every ounce of dried pepper, you will add 5 ounces of alcohol. We also add back the water lost from the dried plant. The ratio for hot peppers is 95% alcohol, 5% water. For this single ounce amount, that would mean you would replace 1.5 teaspoons of the 5 ounces of alcohol with water. Mix dried herb, alcohol and water in a mason jar, or a jar that has a tight lid. If you are using a recycled jar, make sure it is washed in hot soapy water and sterilized. Shake up once a day. It will be ready to use in 2 weeks. Strain off the alcohol and store in an amber bottle in a dark, cool place.

Use for Poultry

Best use for poultry for this simple would be for a quick stop for bleeding and numbing of a wound. Drop cayenne tincture on the wound or cut topically. Reapply twice a day or as needed for bleeding or discomfort. It will numb the tissue almost immediately upon application.


Original article. Susan Burek

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