~June 30, 2021~

Depending on the blend of materials you use, you can create a disinfectant for cleaning using the Winter Season Oil recipe. The highest content of citric acid is lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange respectively. The concentrated oil can be used as is, or diluted into distilled vinegar as needed (1 ounce per quart).The concentrated oils can be used to clean and treat wood roosts. The oil cam also be used for cleaning wood cutting boards and blocks. It can also be used to remove rust and to clean your canning jar rings!

Citrus peels are very well suited as a disinfectant for a few reasons. First, it contains a chemical compound called limonene which is concentrated in the peel. The peel contains oil sacs and the oil is composed of 91-94% d-limonene of which oranges and grapefruits have the highest concentration. Limonene is a known insect repellant and larvicide. Second, using distilled vinegar for extraction adds to the cleaning power of both. Vinegar is an acetic acid and those of us who use the non-distilled vinegar as a poultry health aid, know the effects it can have on a metal waterer. Finally, after extraction, the vinegar becomes an oily slick with the limoene, and that helps to cling to surfaces for a while.

Feel free to experiment using ingredients from the Winter Season Oil, but the recipe I made last year included all citrus slices, confier needles and branches, and some spices.

Original Source: Susan Burek 2021

Moonlight Mile Herb Farm 2020 Susan Burek