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Summer Herbal Food & Medicine on Range for Poultry

June 25
10:00am - 12 noon
Moonlight Mile Herb Farm

Moonlight Mile Herb Farm location

Cost:$25.00 (advance payment required)
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As we enter into the Summer months, the native herbs that appear add more medicinal aspects along with the foods we find in the Spring for our poultry. Using herbs as medicine has always been intriguing to me, in fact, lit my fire to the road of becoming an herbalist! You can start out simply and build on that. In fact, one-herb remedies are called simples!

My farm offers a unique setting to not only visit with a single herb, but also the community in which it chooses to live in a very organic and wild way. Adding botany and plant family wisdom to this mix can open up your creative thinking for useful remedies that can benefit your flock in a big way. To that end, I can share the wisdom and recipes I have learned from over the years that is specifically beneficial to poultry, to start you on your way. So you can go home and see what you have growing there, or to introduce the same herbs to work with to help your poultry.

We will go on a plant walk to talk about each herb, so you can learn how to ID and see it living in it's natural habitat and plant community. I will also share resources to help for further study. Questions and discussion are welcome throughout the duration of the class! I will be hosting a medicine making class in July that will compliment this class nicely~

Contact: Email me at contact@moonlightmileherbs.com for more information. If you would like to send a check instead of using Paypal, it would be appreciated if you contacted me first to do that.

Moonlight Mile Herb Farm 2017 Susan Burek