~ January 19, 2019 ~

If you use a lot of garlic like I do, you may find yourself staring down at a pile of raw garlic to peel. When it is a pound or two, it can take some time to hand peel each clove. However, I learned a trick many years ago that saves me a lot of time with tediously peeling each clove of garlc.

All you need is a quart mason jar (or any small glass jar) with a lid. A glass container works best because you need a really hard surface for it to work well. A stainless steel canister may work well too. Since I have a lot of mason jars around my house, that is what I usually use.

1) Snip each end of the garlic clove.
2) Put in the jar, filling only a quarter full, no more than a third.
3) Secure the lid.
4) Shake, shake, shake for at least 30-60 seconds.
5) Shake until all the skins come off.
5) Open jar and pour out.

You will find that the cloves are either completely peeled, or at least greatly loosened of it's skin. You can either finish peeling by hand more easily, or throw back in he the jar and give it another shaking! Easy Peasy. You are welcome!

Moonlight Mile Herb Farm 2019 Susan Burek