~ July 21, 2018 ~

What a perfect seed!

The tiny garlic seeds, called bulbils, come from the scapes at the top of the garlic stems. Some people cut off the scapes as soon as they appear, to perhaps grow a bigger bulb. I have found not much difference in bulb size myself, and, unexpectantly found some perks for not doing so!

First of all, I use the scapes as a guide as to when to harvest my garlic. It is ready when the scapes stand straight up. And finally, it has a chance to go to seed. They are perfect little seeds for the birds to eat, the medicinal benefits just like eating raw garlic. My chickens and guineas eat them immediately, and I saw good results while treating a chicken hen with a runny bottom once. It cleared it right up. It might be the perfect thing to have on hand for a sick bird who might hesitate eating raw garlic. For all they know, it is just a seed!


Original Article. Susan Burek Reserved Copyright

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