~ November 12, 2017 ~

What it Does

During the first 24 hours of a garlic application in the drinking water, this will offer the same benefits as fresh crushed garlic described above. After 24 hours the garlic will further offer sulfide compounds that support the immune system, and offer anti-parasitic properties for both protozoa and worms. This form is ideally used for chicks as a parasite preventative and an immune builder.

How to Use It

This form will not offer the same strong antimicrobial properties as crushed, fresh raw garlic, but the decoction will offer secondary compounds of sulfides and other related compounds.

The sulfides bolster the immune system, by stimulating the T-cells. It supports the liver for detoxifying and helping the blood to do its work by enhancing the liverís synthetic functions and it "thins" the blood. (In this form, garlic also offers anti-parasitic properties that research shows is due to the secondary sulfides compounds created (diallyl trisulfide).

I have determined that in order for garlic to have this antiparasitic effect, it must be added to the water the ratio of one clove per quart of water; four cloves per gallon, etc., until your chicken is symptom free, regaining normal eating and activity levels. You may also get a fecal float done after treatment at your vetís office to confirm.

When anything herbal is added to the drinking water, the birds must be monitored to ensure that they are amenable to drinking the water. Birds trained from a young age to ingest raw garlic more readily accept the flavor of garlic water than those that were not. Chickens unaccustomed to the flavor of garlic should be acclimated to it in small doses in the water, increasing over time. Reduce the dosage by half until your flock will accept the taste, then start increasing the dosage as you refill or change your waterer.

Sources:Original Article, Susan Burek.
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