Immune Support

Ultimate Garlic Tonic

The ultimate garlic fusion is a garlic tonic like no other. Our unique patented process is able to combine and preserve the myriad of powerful actions of the garlic. Some of these consitutents have actions that are antiseptic, antispasmodic, anthelmintic (especially helpful to parasite overloads), digestive, disinfectant, diuretic, espectorant, stimulant and a tonic in it's own right. This garlic tonic is able to capture them all. One of your poultry's most important systems to support is the immune system, particularly at the cellular level which helps the immunity cells do their work. Although garlic works directly on bacteria and viruses, it also stimulates the body's natural response through the immune system to keep your poultry well. In this regard, this tonic can be useful during any of the four seasons, either directly or as a supportive aid during illness, even if other more specific herbs are being utilized.

Protein+ Tonic

The green root tonic was created using ingredients to be used for for late fall, winter and early spring. The language of nature teaches us that wild birds will supplement their diets around the equinoxes, and eat heavily throughout the winter. Fortification is needed in the fall for the harsh winter months that take tremendous energy for a bird to withstand a temperature challenged environment, whether that means extreme temperatures or temperature fluctuations. During winter, the tonic can be used periodically to add "green" and fruit nutrition to counteract a lack of fresh forage on range that is common in most climates during the winter months. It will also provide deep nutrition to fortify core health and support the immune system to counteract viruses prevalent during these seasons. In the spring, the tonic can start to prepare poultry for the rigors and stressors of mating, breeding and egg production for the hens. It can also be a great green food fortifier and body builder for young chicks.

Fireball Tonic

Environmental temperature fluctuations, to extreme hot or cold, can be taxing on our poultry's internal resources. During extreme heat, your flock may slow down on eating because it generates a lot of internal heat depending on the foods you feed them. They may start missing some key nutrients due to picky eating during this time. Conversely, our flocks can expend a lot of energy keeping warm in a lot of our climates, their diet is greatly reduced of green forage, they are living in close quarters for longer periods time and they can be lacking fresh air and sunshine. This tonic was created to addresss respiratory issues and is antimicrobial and packed with Vitamin C. It will also support circulation to address frostbite issues that might occur. It encourages good digestion and can aid the whole digestive system to get the best nutritive value from your flock's diet, which will give them the best health value from their food. Finally, it is loaded with vitamins, minerals and is a powerhouse immune system builder.

First Step Tonic

From the moment chicks are hatched, until they are 3-4 months old, they need extra support in a few key areas of development. Most important, they need support for their still developing immune system. This base set point will set the stage for general health for the rest of their lives. We want to build the strongest immune system we can. From early life, their bodies will undergo a tremendous growth process, not only in increasing body size and feather growth, but internally with their bone structure and internal organs. The tonics exceptional nutrition specifically targets support for healthy body strength, and to also set the foundation of healthy microflora in the digestive system. A chick's exposure to early parasites, especially coccidiosis, requires a fine balance to create a natural immunity. If not managed well, an overload could occur that would severely tax an immature immune system and could cause illness. This tonic will help to keep parasite growth to a minimum. This tonic has everything for extraordinary nutrition, facilitate body growth and strength, strong immune system building, and an effective parasite control all in one.

Chicken Chai

This specially blended chai formula is a super antioxidant, vitamin and mineral rich tonic. It takes a village to help the myriad of functions your chicken's body does internally to stay healthy, and we know that antioxidants help with management of free radical damage that comes from that. From balancing the diet, to exposure to virus, bacteria and pathenogens, the body has a lot of work to do each and every day. This tonic is superior in antioxidants, which helps prevent disease, which also aids the immune system. It is mineral dense including calcium, magnesium, maganese, zinc, and iron making it a nutrition powerhouse. The magnesium present helps the body to absorb the calcium and other calcium as well! It also has herbs to keep the digestive process functioning at it's optimal level. This makes the tonic a potent anti-inflammatory with it's aromatic and sweet sitmulants providing additional antimicrobial activity. The red tea was chosen not only because it has no caffiene, but it also possess a beautiful red color. Delicious!

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