Milky Oats

If I tell you there is a raw seed that could help strengthen your nervous system while easing nervous exhaustion and anxiety, that would sound great, right? For most of us, this would be a YES! We have all have suffered from overwork and prolonged stress. Hello 2020! We also all know and appreciate the goodness of oats, a grain that has been in human diets for thousands of years. It started out as a weed, and has survived to this day. In the fresh unripe seed the milky component is much more potent than the dried seed counterpart. A tincture of the raw seeds is a gentle restorative to be used over time to nourish your adrenals and nervous system..


Raw oat seeds
Alcohol to tincture
Mason Jar
Tincture Press


Tincture the seeds 2:1 ratio with high percent alcohol (95% or higher). Use a blender to cut up and blend the seeds with the alcohol. Let the tincture set for 2 weeks. You will need a press to extract the tincture from the plant materia.

Raw Oat Seed


nettles, oats and you..presented by jim mcdonald

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