Sometimes the path you set course for in life can turn out totally different than what you had planned for, or even, imagined. Sometimes you notice out of the corner of your eye another path, not only because it catches your attention, but because something is there that tells you it is yours to follow.

My lifelong addiction with growing and communing with plants started innocently enough by the helping hand of my dad, when I was a child. I never knew what impelled me year, after year, to keep gardening. Something kept calling me back each spring season to start again, no matter where I lived, or what I was doing in life.

And then, one day an opportunity arose to hear a speaker, an herbalist. Her title alone intrigued me. I had no inkling what that meant, except it probably had to do with herbs, which coincidentally, I was full on growing at the time. That fortuitous encounter sent me on my way with a spark with something which totally excited me and made my heart race faster. Ancient wisdom from weeds that were growing all around me, that held the very keys to my well-being and health? It was stunningly beautiful and wise and I caught my breath.

Yes. This, was for me.

A decade later, I was ensconced on my newly minted herb farm, busily growing every herb I could and inviting in the wild native herbs as well. I thought I was firmly on my new path. And, like any good farm has, I planned to raise domestic chickens along with the other assortment of farm critters I was amassing. But before that happened, totally out of the blue, guinea keets came metaphorically barreling down my path to greet me. To roost in my coops and in my heart. Nearly from the very first moment, their wildness showed me how closely they lived to the earth and they were married with nature. I immediately knew I wanted to figure out and understand this relationship. How did they communicate? And why? Forget whatever else I thought I needed to do, the spark had finally lit the fire. Nature does not just have a adversarial relationship between predator and prey, there is also lot of nurturing between us all as well. The symbiotic relationship was beyond what I could have imagined. I learned how they contribute to the welfare of the other. That fire led me over the next decade to be able to create tinctures and tonics for support for my poulty, from what occurs organically in nature. I was not only aided by the herbs and my birds, but from my foundational knowledge with the continuing study with some of the finest herbal elders that are past and present.

This is my place, and I am right where I need to be, doing what I am doing. And, there will be more, as nature’s cycle is never ending. Looking back, I see the guidance I have always had to finally lead me here on this path. My products are offered to you to empower yourself as care taker of your birds, to be able to draw from ancient earth wisdom that we have only scratched the surface of. But, the plants know. So do the birds. And so, we learn.

I am truly blessed with your connection if you so choose this path with me.

~ Susan Burek, Herbalist, Author & Inventor

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