Respiratory Support

Berry Berry Tonic

We all know berries are super rich in vitamins and antioxidants that especially support the respiratory system. Berries are a natural food for a bird, yet we rarely focus on making it a staple in our poultry's regular diet. It has been found that migratory birds switch from insect eating to berry eating, and up to 80 percent of their diet consists of berries at that time. But the surprising thing researchers learned was that when berry eating was combined with protein, the bird's body was much more able maintain a healthy weight, than with eating berries or protein alone. Berry berry tonic consists of four kinds of native berries (hence the name!). Maintaing a healthy weight is just as important as maintaining a healthy immune system. A healthy weight is ideal to help overcome stressors and disease. It would also be useful for brooding hens who lose weight due to restricted eating to maintain sitting on the nest.

Fireball Tonic

Environmental temperature fluctuations, to extreme hot or cold, can be taxing on our poultry's internal resources. During extreme heat, your flock may slow down on eating because it generates a lot of internal heat depending on the foods you feed them. They may start missing some key nutrients due to picky eating during this time. Conversely, our flocks can expend a lot of energy keeping warm in a lot of our climates, their diet is greatly reduced of green forage, they are living in close quarters for longer periods time and they can be lacking fresh air and sunshine. This tonic was created to addresss respiratory issues and is antimicrobial and packed with Vitamin C. It will also support circulation to address frostbite issues that might occur. It encourages good digestion and can aid the whole digestive system to get the best nutritive value from your flock's diet, which will give them the best health value from their food. Finally, it is loaded with vitamins, minerals and is a powerhouse immune system builder.

Ultimate Garlic Tonic

The ultimate garlic fusion is a garlic tonic like no other. Our unique patented process is able to combine and preserve the myriad of powerful actions of the garlic. Some of these consitutents have actions that are antiseptic, antispasmodic, anthelmintic (especially helpful to parasite overloads), digestive, disinfectant, diuretic, espectorant (respiratory), stimulant and a tonic in it's own right. This garlic tonic is able to capture them all. One of your poultry's most important systems to support is the immune system, particularly at the cellular level which helps the immunity cells do their work. Although garlic works directly on bacteria and viruses, it also stimulates the body's natural response through the immune system to keep your poultry well. In this regard, this tonic can be useful during any of the four seasons, either directly or as a supportive aid during illness, even if other more specific herbs are being utilized.

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