~ December 1, 2018 ~

Rosa woodsii (hips)

Rose hips are the fruits that come from our rose bushes. The rose hips can be used fresh or dried. Rose hips are high in Vitamin C and very tasty to eat. Rose hips also contain vitamins A, D and E, flavonoids and essential fatty acids. They are also a good digestive aid to benefit the good microflora in the digestive system. There are hundreds of rose varieties available, but the best are the wild species that are smaller flowered.

Roses are easy to grow, and need slightly acidic soil. Rose hips should be harvested in the fall after the first hard frost after they turn bright red, but before they shrivel up. The hips can be dried indoors and can keep for several years if stored in a glass jar and kept away from direct sunlight. Don't grind the dried hips until you are ready to use them.

Contraindications: Because of the ascorbic acid content, too much rose hips can cause stomach upset or diarrhea. If this happens, simply cut back on the amount.

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