Amazing products! I was in a desperate spot, I had a sick hen and the vet told me to give her antibiotics from the feed store (and my whole flock who were all exposed now) to some bacteria, unknown. On day two, she was in bad shape, I remembered I had some bumble foot remedy that did wonders on one of my hens who had bumble foot. I read it and it said I could give it to a sick chicken. I started her on it, by the third day, I thought she may need to be euthanized. But I gave it one more day, according to third day I should see results. A miracle, she was better. Then a week later another chicken fell ill, I skipped the antibiotics and started herbal tincture instead. She is better at day 3. I ordered other products to keep on hand! Highly recommend! And it works and it's better for our chicken babies! Thank you! I would distribute these products if I could!" ~ Tricia H.

"The bumblefoot remedy is a godsend. I continue to be amazed at how well it works! I've used it on several birds and love it!" ~ Dawn T.

" "My 3 buff orpington hens developed roundworms this past summer. Wanting to avoid chemical dewormers that can challenge gut integrity, I opted to try Susan's Worm Balancer Tonic. I was very diligent in administering it to my girls. When my avian vet did a fecal float some time later, the test results came back negative! I have used several other products that Susan has made, all with beneficial results. I highly recommend her herbal remedies. She has created a line of products that address several different issues in chickens as well as those that help support overall immunity. This has allowed me to be able to treat my girls naturally, in alignment with nature and the healing plants that surround us. I am thankful for that! Thank you Susan!" ~ Susan D.

"I purchased Susanís Bumblefoot tincture. My girls foot was really bad. I was very skeptical, but thought I would give it a try. It worked great! I was amazed. She is actually laying eggs again. I would much rather use this non invasive method than surgery." ~ Kim W.

"My New Hampshire Red Hen is 5 years + and had stopped laying eggs 8 months earlier. I noticed her not as spry and somewhat mopey in her behavior and what I noticed as ascites to her lower abdominal area. And then I found a lash egg, the size of a quarter. With research I knew she had "salpingitis" So I decided to start "Intensive acute care therapy". I began the dosage of 15 drops by dropper twice a day. Within 7 days, I saw an immediate change in her abdominal area in that the ascites reduced by more than 1/2. And her behavior is much more active. I have continued the therapy by placing it in her food. And cut the dosage to 7 drops. I am a believer. This worked for the ascites." ~ Amy & Scott D.

"I have used several products, Mama Hen Balm...It is fantastic and don't like to run out. My hens are much healthier looking, more animated, brighter combs and all around better with this product. Bumblefoot formula. THE BEST!! It works. I don't want to dig around in my poor chickenís foot, not lose her to bumblefoot. I don't. I use this as directed and the bumblefoot goes away. I don't know why everyone doesn't use it. They should. Bug Eraser Spray. Did just that. I put it on the vent area and under the wings.....bugs gone. Lastly, the Intensive Acute Care Remedy. If my chicken looks bad, and I even mean on its last legs, this has worked. I thought we were going to have to put down one of our girls, gave her this, and within a day, she was better. We kept on giving as directed, and she is still with us, laying. I won't use anything but your products Susan. I mean it". ~Kathy F.

"I have successfully used the Bumblefoot Tincture to treat several chickens over the last few years. The birds were clearly showing discomfort when walking and an annoyance when trying to roost. Over time, the Bumblefoot Tincture cleared the infection. I would treat the foot every day at least once a day, twice a day if I was able. While it does take patience and persistence, I feel it is a much better method than surgery - far less invasive and traumatic for both the birds and myself! The Bumblefoot Tincture truly works!" ~Amy D.

"After a very wet spell late this fall, my Orpington flock contracted coccidosis. I started by dosing each bird and then put it in their drinking water. Amazing results. Improvement within a week and significant improvement within two weeks. All the birds appear to be worm free now. I really like having an herbal option for coccidosis and other worm issues in poultry." ~ Kate T.

"I wanted to let you know that your Fireball tonic (of which I was so fortunate to win a bottle) was terrific. My hens loved it in their water. I just ordered your Green Root Tonic to try as I see you are out of Fireball at the moment. It sounds like just what they need right now to get them through the rest of this winter. Thanks.~ Jeanie R.

"Last month I discovered one of my hens had bumblefoot. I ordered some of your Herbal Bumblefoot Remedy and began treatment on February 20th. Five days after that I discovered she had bumblefoot on the other foot as well (I have no idea why I didn't check the other foot at the same time but this one was much more advanced... dumb me). Anyhow, I am happy to say that both feet have now healed as of four days ago. The first scab fell off (the least serious one) & perfectly healthy pink skin was underneath. The other scab fell off a week later (in picture). As you can see it still has a black tint to it but healthy besides the coloring. I'm continuing the drops topically & orally until I see no more discoloration but there is no hardness at all. She is back outside with the flock and doing great! Thank you so much Susan Burek! I will DEFINITELY be passing an order for other products soon! This was a very large and deep bumblefoot that has healed except for slight discoloration." ~ Lori C.

"My hens and young pullets have been enjoying your tonics since I bought my first Fireball Tonic last fall. One very happy customer here." ~ Karen B.

"Yesterday morning, one of our cuckoo marans had a loud rattle in her breathing, and her beak stayed open to breath. Her comb was very light and she wasn't eating or drinking. I gave her a few drops of the Intensive Acute Care Remedy. She didn't get any worse, but not much better. I gave her more a couple of hours later, along with droppers full of water, which she wouldn't take earlier. She even went to the water container and drank more afterwards, and then she went to eat. She then rested. At bedtime I repeated and she went to her roost on her own. This morning you wouldn't even know she had been ill! I mean, we thought she was a goner. But this Remedy is amazing, and it isn't the first time we have felt this way, however this one was even more dramatic. Thank you, Susan, you ROCK!!" ~ Kathy F.

I want to tell you that Frist Step Tonic is a lifesaver. Quite literally. We had 5 chicks delivered from NY. The USPS was kind enough to lose them for 4 days. Three of them passed before I received the First Step Tonic (due to my ordering it the day they arrived- my mistake). I had one that was looking 'iffy' and another (both chicks are of the same breed) that probably wasn't far behind. First Step arrived in the nick of time. They LOVE it! Within 24 hours both chicks were perky, chirping happily and eating! I can't thank you enough. I've since told the breeder who sent the chicks about your products as well. Your First Step Tonic was the only thing we hadn't tried... and it was the ONLY thing we needed!!! My littles are happy and thriving because of your knowledge. I can't thank you enough for helping me save them. I will always have this on hand now- especially during chick season!!!! ~ Mischa K.

Love your Wound Remedy! It WORKS! Every chicken owner should have it in their first aid kit!!! ~ Linda M.

"I had one that seemed really sick on Monday wouldn't eat, stayed very still in one place all puffed out (I really thought she was going to die) and she has been acting completely normal eating and running around yesterday and today after using Susan's "Ultimate Garlic Fusion Tonic" this week." ~ Joy L.

"I'm so grateful for your tinctures. I'm glad that I bought them to have on hand "in case..". We ran into an "in case..". I have a hen that's been bullied. A young rooster gouged a 2 inch would on both sides and I also found a tiny bumble foot scab on both feet, about half the size of an apple seed. I had the tinctures for the wounds and for the bumble foot tincture. I'd be upset if I had to order it and then wait for the delivery. I gave her the oral doses today and she has perked up. The young rooster has been re-homed. I must thank you for your work. I added a link to your tinctures on my page because I know they're high quality and effective." ~ Karen T.

"Excellent excellent stuff. Thanks for making such a great product!" ~ Kati G.

"I will say they are fantastic!! They've helped me with my flock numerous times. I love them." ~ Joanna S.

"Thank you Susan Burek! Thank you all you Brilliant Folks. Ongoing Saga. The day after the fox attack Camilla the hen came home with her back in pretty rough shape. So for about a week now I've been treating her with a combination of honey and Wound Remedy. She has a really nasty flap of skin that I couldn't get unrolled and it was looking nastier so I decided to take her to the family vet for another set of eyes. Camilla has always been the smartest hen in the flock, as well as the broody, so it was worth some extra effort. So I told the vet what I had been doing and she said to keep it up. She actually congratulated me on how good the wound looked - twice! No infection at all. She said I could get a job in the medical field. lol It probably helped that Camilla was totally well behaved the whole time. (And the vet said not to worry about the flap of skin.) The kudos go to you all!" ~ Dee C.

" I depend on Susan's remedies...for everyone on the farm. Goats, cats, poultry, calves, my kid (I'm kidding about the kid, but I would trust it for her)." ~ Rebecca W.

"Have used the Bumblefoot Remedy on several chickens and it works like a charm. It's amazing to watch the scab just disintegrate and the pad of the foot look normal. Much appreciated because I hated the thought of cutting into my chickens unless I had to." ~ Dawn T.

"And they're fantastic!! I just used the respiratory herbal remedy on two of my birds that kept sneezing for a week and they're perfectly fine now! I'm sold!" ~ Ruby B.

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