~ April 29, 2017 ~

Violet Maple Syrup


(By proportion)
1 pint Maple Syrup
2-3 cups Violet Flowers

1 crock pot

Mix violets and syrup together in the crock pot. Infuse for 24 hours on warm setting. Strain. Bottle and store properly.

This is an amazing spring concoction that is truly indescribable in it's decandent flavor. I harvest my own maple syrup, but you can still buy the original syrup in the store and pick your wild violets to make. Violets are high in Vitamin C & A. They are also rich in minerals. Used in your favorite tea or straight up, you will get pure spring magic in every spoonful.


Original Recipe, Moonlight Mile Herb Farm, Susan Burek.

Moonlight Mile Herb Farm 2017 Susan Burek