Wild Herb Jam

Wild herb jam is an easy way to get to know your wild herbs a little better. You will find that even if a wild herb flower does not possess much of a scent, it can have a most unexpected, wonderful taste. There is a lot you can learn from wildcrafting some of the more prolific "weed" flowers. You may not want to work with the herb medicinally right away, so making a jam with the flowers can be a wonderful introduction. It get's you out in your envirnoment to see what is there. If you can bear to part with any, it also makes a delightful gift sure to spark some good conversation!


8-9 cups wild crafted herb flowers
4 cups water (boiling temps)
1.75 oz pectin
2 lbs sugar
2 tablespoons lemon juice


Gather (wild craft) some wild herb flowers to have enough for 8-9 cups. Be creative! Pick any flowers that have sparked your curiousity to learn about the herb. Make sure the flowers are clean, but do not wash. I recommend waiting after a rain until it's dry. Picking wet or damp flowers will slow down the picking because it will stick to your fingers! Ask me how I know! You will have to remove the sepal part of the flower and any stem (basically anything green). If you leave these parts on, it will add a bitter taste to your jam. You want to be left with the flower petals only. This is the longest part of making the jam!

In a clean Mason jar that will hold 4 cups liquid + flower petals, add the petals. Pour 4 cups of boiling water over it and steep for 24 hours.

The next day, strain the flower petals from the infused herb water. Pur the infused herb water into a sauce pan. I warm it up a bit, then add the pectin and lemon juice. I also may add the pectin a bit a time, to make sure it doesn't lump up, but you will at least want to stir it a lot. You will need to bring to a boil, so you have some time to do this.

Shut off the heat and add the sugar. Again, lots of stirring is needed to make sure all the sugar dissolves. You will need to bring to another boil, stirring constantly for another minute or two.

Remove from heat and skim off any foam if needed.

Pour into clean jam jars. I let is sit on my countertop with the lids on overnight to cool and put in the fridge in the morning. It should be stored there unless you want to can it for long term preservation outside of the fridge.

Here are some of the jams I have made so far:


Wild Violet


Moonlight Mile Herb Farm 2021 Susan Burek