The Winter Blues Kit

This kit should cover most of everything that can happen to your flock during the winter months. From mild colds to more serious respiratory issues, supporting the circulatory, digestive and immune systems, and topical issues like frostbite.

All items are listed within the herbal tonics and tinctures links to read about in more detail.

Kit Includes:

Fireball Tonic 4 oz.
Protein+ Tonic 4 oz.
Ultimate Garlic Tonic 4 oz.
Classic Respiratory Tincture 1/2 oz.
Fierce RespiratoryTincture 1/2 oz.
Frostbite Tincture 1/2 oz.
Pinyon Pine Pitch Salve 1oz.


Moonlight Mile Herb Farm 2020 Susan Burek