Apple Cider Vinegar - Best Practice

Calcium and Protein Tea
(a nice tea to supplement during winter)

Deer Apples


Cayenne Tincture

Chicken Lemonade

Fermenting Grain - Living Food for Poultry

Garlic Spray
(herbal spray for external bugs on the skin)

Garlic, Fresh + Raw

Garlic, Water

Garlic Seed


Herbal Suet

Lambs Quarters

Natural Fall Alterative for Worms
(a nice worm balancer made with ingredients harvested in the Fall)

The Oh So Versatile Dandelion!

Pumpkin (heirloom)

Pumpkin Seed


Poultry Gardens


Protein and Calcium: An Herbal Power Mix

Rose Hips

Rye Grass

Wild Bird Seed

Winter Oil
(an herbal oil to mix in seed during winter)

Moonlight Mile Herb Farm 2020 Susan Burek